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A comprehensive resource of defunct t-shirt labels manufactured prior to the year 2000.

Brand #25: Belton

Circulation: Common

Era: Late 1970s-1990s

Information: Here’s the scoop on Belton from Bad Otis Link who named this brand his blank t-shirt of choice in the 1980s:

Belton tees came from a small town in South Carolina by the same name. Belton was a cotton belt town and had Belton mills there which are all closed now. I was told that the company at one time employed the entire town. The only place that I got Beltons from was AJS, a t-shirt wholesaler in Huntington Beach, they only sold 50/50 shirts. AJS was related to the much bigger distributor across the street called Kaufenburg who only sold 100% cotton stuff and was much more expensive. They were both on Graham Street. Everything is shutdown now and made outside the USA. Sucks.

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