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A comprehensive resource of defunct t-shirt labels manufactured prior to the year 2000.

Brand #24: BVD

Circulation: Common

Era: 1800s-present

Information: BVD was founded in New York in 1876 by Bradley, Voorhees & Day. They first manufactured garments for women but were better known for their one-piece underwear (union suits) for men.

In 1930 the company was purchased by Atlas Underwear and it became a line of swimwear for women and men. In 1951, the brand was purchased by Superior Mills and BVD represented a line of sportops, fashionable undies and t-shirts of all types. In 1976 the brand was purchased by Fruit of the Loom who distributed the it globally until 2002 when Berkshire Hathaway purchased FOTL.

Despite the company changing hands numerous times the rich history of BVD has kept it a visible brand to this day. It’s currently a line of underwear for men.

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