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Archive of Pakistan-Based Vintage T-Shirt Tags From the 1970s and 80s

Archive of Pakistan vintage t-shirt tags


Archive of Pakistan-Based Vintage T-Shirt Tags From the 1970s and 80s

A previous article explained why a torn t-shirt tag could indicate the print is a bootleg. It’s no surprise that bootleggers preferred printing on budget t-shirts, and a torn tag can indicate a factory second, or reject, that bootleggers would buy at discounted prices. But what other types of tags are a red flag for a bootleg tee?

Bootleggers were mostly nickel and dime operations that wanted to make some quick cash, but they were also very aware their inventory could get confiscated. With that in mind, you can bet they wanted to spend as little as possible on their inventory.

Enter the infamous Pakistan blanks.

Budget Blanks from Pakistan

In the late 1970s and 80s, Fantasy tags were the stand-out blank for bootleggers. They were cheap, and somewhat cheerful, but mostly poor quality. Fantasy tees featured what appears to be thicker cotton fibers but a much lower count of them, and the most basic construction possible. Most of them would shrink to unwearable sizes after a single wash – and also get completely mishappen.

A Fantasy XL is a modern M…if that.

1970s and 80s Fantasy Tags

fantasy a&g tag white rn 55774 100% cotton product of pakistan

fantasy a&g tag blue rn 55774 100% cotton

fantasy tag red rn 55774 100% cotton made in pakistan

blank fantasy tag rn 55774 made in pakistan

Fantasy tags have also been targeted by modern counterfeiters, check our database for an example of a fake Fantasy tag.

But there were a ton of other Pakistan-based t-shirt tags from the same era, below is a sampling, and we’ll continue to add to this list.

If the shirt was worn to any degree – these tags often appear blank/frayed, with all the branding and text worn off.

Some of these brands were better quality, but none rivaled the cotton and construction of the US blanks that were circulating around the same time. You can see with all of these examples there is no strip of neckline fabric that the tag is usually neatly tucked under – the labels are just fastened directly to the collar seam.

1970s and 80s Pakistan-Based Vintage T-Shirt Tags

superior quality tag RN 51251 made in pakistan

RN 27887 100% cotton made in pakistan

100% cotton unbranded made in pakistan

RN 60696 100% cotton made in Pakistan

RN 55425 Pakistan Tag

MSL USA Tag RN 66586 made in pakistan

PTI Paramount Pakistan tag

Sport-One Americana RN 61162 tag pakistan

US Branded Tags, Pakistan Manufactured

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! Brands in America likely caught wind of how inexpensive Pakistan blanks were and started using them for their merch.

Sherry, Florida, Made in Pakistan

The vast majority of Sherry tags read “Made in U.S.A.,” so it appears as though they experimented with lessor expensive blanks for a short period of time.

Poly Tees, Hawaii, Made in Pakistan

These tees always appear to have always been featured on Pakistan blanks.

Poly Tees Hawaii Made in Pakistan

TWT Transtees of USA, Made in Pakistan

twt transtees of USA rn 63946 tag

Sun T-Shirts, LA, California, Made in Pakistan

If you have a Pakistan-based tag that isn’t featured here, please share it in the comments!

To be continued…

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