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  • Adidas

    My Adidas Could Be Yours

    By Jimmy JJuly 23, 2008

    Each week we feature an interesting vintage tee that’s currently on the eBay auction block. Please feel...

  • Jackets

    The High Cost of The Lo-Life

    By Jimmy JJuly 19, 2008

    Who would have thought a Ralph Lauren sweater featuring a polo outfitted bear would be pursued by those...

  • eBay

    Who Wears Vintage Short Shorts?

    By Jimmy JJuly 11, 2008

    Thankfully, women never stopped wearing them. But recent bidding activity now suggests men aren’t afraid to...

  • News

    Canada D’Eh

    By Jimmy JJuly 1, 2008

    Today is birthday of glorious nation of Canada. Don’t forget to wear your old school tourist...

  • eBay


    By Jimmy JJune 20, 2008

    Kudos to vintage vendors Refreshmint for always providing some of the most eye-catching photos in the...

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