Bad Religion

Over the weekend, I had a long conversation with Cushman about his love of one sided, two sided and 3 sided tees. BUT, he hates back print. He only likes front print or sleeve print. Looking at this shirt from janvanderdam, I’m not sure what he would think. However, I do know the lower back screen print would cover that mid 90s tramp stamp tattoo he got (oh man, what was he thinking??). Europe 93. Where it’s at!

Vintage Bad Religion tee

Vintage Bad Religion teeVintage Bad Religion tee

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  1. Chris says:

    Tour dates on the sleeve?

  2. MONOLITH13 says:

    Just stumbled upon this cool site. Nice to find even a few BR tees over here. This one’s nice but I prefer the RFH album/dogs themed tee.. The short sleeved RFH is cool cuz of the tourdate print is on the back.. I like tourdate shirts with huge print on the back even though I’ve heard of people that don’t (still wonder why)…

  3. b. murphy says:

    Nice man. BR rules!

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