Wall Noize

Do you still live in your mom’s basement? Well damn, wordslikeviolence has the auctions for you! So many solid posters from the last 20 years. Some highlights? Mental tour 2004, Count Me Out and Unrboken. Feeling it. I suppose you could pull these off for your dorm room too. Probably wouldn’t look so hot in… Continue reading ».


Black Metal Monday: Burzum Lot.

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Thrash and Death Metal Starter Kits

I know it’s not metal monday, but now seems like a good time to scoop some big lots. Seriously. Where else can you get 15 judascrust with the hook up. And since there is a Negative Approach tshirt in there, you can still consider a hardcore purchase. Do it. Good for the start punk rocker.

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Nine Inch Nails Lot

I know at least one of you out there has to be a closet superfastbuyer? That’s your reward for sticking it out with Trent for so long. Awesome.


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