My Bad!

It was astutely pointed out to me in my original posting of vintage tees from seller vintagepimps that I left out the sleeveless Suicidal Tendencies tee. This was true. I also left out this Millions Of Dead Cops tee as well. My bad!

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loss for words

becka.brittain is selling some dope shirts and Im at a loss for words. Not because Im so stunned at the greatness of these tees but because Ill admit I dont really listen to either of these bands. I should though. With the internet I dont really have any excuse not to. This shirt def makes… Continue reading ».

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It’s Sunday Night and I have some classic Buy It Nows for you

If these shirts being sold by lunamoon999 don’t get you excited, I don’t know how to help you. Theses shirts all appear original, and all have a story along with them. This might be a great time to spend a little cash to put one of these gems in your closet. Original FEAR shirt Original… Continue reading ».

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Millions Of Dead Cops

Here’s an old tee from MDC. I don’t personally think I could pull this off. But hey, that’s just me. Normally, I love an old white tee with provenance. But something, no idea what …, just doesn’t speak to me. I need to listen to more MDC. So do you.

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