Zero Sleeves. Plenty of BIN’s.

So Casali sent me a link last week to a cheap, sleeveless “I saw Murphy’s Law… and lived” BIN being sold by skanknike8yvc. He knows my style well. Sadly, I never saw the link until tonight, because I’ve been so busy this week with artwork and devouring all the books in A Song of Ice… Continue reading ».

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Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?

Well? Can it? incorrectthoughts

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State Of Euphoria.

We’re switching sellers for a hot minute and moving over to seller ghosttoast7, who has an Anthrax “State of Euphoria” 1988/89 tour tee up with a reasonable $19.99 start. And did I mention it was sleeveless?

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Some Sleeveless Sunday Too.

Surely you didn’t think I was going to sit out on all the sleeveless superiority from randomhero123, did you? Especially not when he’s just upped one that I have sitting in my own drawer… How he and I managed to never wear these at the same time I have no idea.

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