Vintage Pimpin’.

Seller vintagepimps isn’t kidding with his username. Lots of rad, low started tees up right now mixed in with the usual run of tees BIN’d in the hundreds of dollars. I think these are the best 4 of the affordable tees, and there’s a $300 Descendents tee (on sale!) that I wish was number 5…


Something For Everybody 2.

As promised, we now bring you a parade of cool/ridiculous vintage shirts from seller vintageretrowear. Yes, I know our main focus is music related gear, but some of this stuff is pretty great and worth taking a look at. Case in point… The Mental crew know why that shirt is awesome. Do you? If not,… Continue reading ».


Something For Everybody.

I actually spent an hour the other night just going through all of vintageretrowear’s auctions. While there isn’t really a lot of cheap stuff there, there are literally TONS of cool shirts. There’s probably something for everybody, whether they’re a fan of metal… …classic oldies… …grunge… …country/the Confederacy… …gothic pop… …or all over print, lame… Continue reading ».

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