Vintage Pimpin’.

Seller vintagepimps isn’t kidding with his username. Lots of rad, low started tees up right now mixed in with the usual run of tees BIN’d in the hundreds of dollars. I think these are the best 4 of the affordable tees, and there’s a $300 Descendents tee (on sale!) that I wish was number 5…


Lars Frederiksen Is NOT Jeff Nelson

Lars Frederkisen is no Jeff Nelson by any stretch of the imagination. Granted, Jeff was in Minor Threat, Egg Hunt, Skewbald, High-Back Chairs (anyone got emps?), … while Lars joined Rancid before the second album and also leads Lars Frederiksen and The Bastards. Imagine if Jeff Nelson had a band called Jeff Nelson and The… Continue reading ».

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Straight to Hell.

Gotta admit, never been a big fan of The Clash, and while this is a cool design, it’s not like it hasn’t been licensed and bootlegged out the wazoo. But I wanted to give rainbowgasoline credit for doing the legit thing and putting this original up with a low starting bid instead of a ridiculously… Continue reading ».

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Seller Spotlight – fakerudy

Here’s another gem of a seller. Do you like your early 80s california punk & hardcore? Dumb if you don’t because this guy has all the good shit. Seriously, the best shit. fakerudy has been hitting up shows since the early 80s. We caught up with him, check it. 1. How did you get started… Continue reading ».

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