Vintage Pimpin’.

Seller vintagepimps isn’t kidding with his username. Lots of rad, low started tees up right now mixed in with the usual run of tees BIN’d in the hundreds of dollars. I think these are the best 4 of the affordable tees, and there’s a $300 Descendents tee (on sale!) that I wish was number 5…


Check Yourself

I love descriptions like this from xxxevilxxx666. It really gives you a sense of the tshirts history and the hoops people once jumped through for tees. SOLD AT THEIR ONE TIME REUNION SHOW IN EARLY 90’S. ULTRA COOL BEASTIE BOYS RIP OFF DESIGN. I GOT THIS FROM THE AD ON MAXIMUM ROCK’N’ROLL BACK IN THE… Continue reading ».


Turning Point Beastie Boys Tee

Here’s another great rip off design. The Beastie Boys mid 80s logo, done proper by Turning Point. Great look. Classic two colors on a white tee with a live shot on the back. You can’t fuck with that. Here’s an example of the real Beastie Boys logo for your comparison. Officially licensed. I’ve always been… Continue reading ».

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