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Take Our Survey for a Chance To Win a Vintage Tee or 1 of 50 Gift Cards

Vintage T-Shirt Survey


Take Our Survey for a Chance To Win a Vintage Tee or 1 of 50 Gift Cards

The year is 2022 and we need answers to some age-old questions about vintage t-shirts.

Defunkd and Citees have teamed up to go inside the minds of vintage t-shirt heads.

It’s about time we came to our census.

What’s the actual definition of a true “vintage t-shirt” and “grail”?

Can dry rot be cured?

What’s the best stain remover?

What’s the most liked vintage t-shirt tag?

Are modern-printed original design vintage-inspired bootlegs accepted by the community?

If you’ve ever wondered the answers to these and many other t-shirt related questions, well, we have the perfect survey for you.

Complete it and you’ll be entered for a chance to win one of two vintage t-shirts or one of 50 Starbucks gift cards.

Here’s How it Works:

  1. Take 5 minutes to complete the questions on our survey here.
  2. Make sure to submit it before January 31st at 11:59 EST.
  3. If you’re one of the randomly selected winners of the 52 available prizes, we’ll notify you via email in the first week of February.

Prize Details:

2002 The Eminem Show Tour T-Shirt (Qty: 1)

Size: L
21″ Pit to Pit
30″ Collar to Hem (Length)
Condition: Excellent

Vintage 2002 The Eminem Show Tour T-Shirt Front

Vintage 2002 The Eminem Show Tour T-Shirt back

1997 Space Jam Taz Warner Bros T-Shirt (Qty: 1)

Size: L
21″‘ Pit to Pit
27″‘ Collar to Hem (Length)
Condition: Excellent, some fade, tiny hole lower front, 1/2″ seam separation under the arm.

Vintage 1997 Space Jam Taz Hook Shot T-Shirt

$5 Starbucks Digital Gift Card (Qty: 50)

Starbucks Gift card

So what are you waiting for? Take the survey right here.

And may the odds be ever in your favor.

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Jimmy founded Defunkd in 2004 when he started selling vintage t-shirts online. 20 years of experience later and he hasn't looked back since. Actually, he looks back all the time given he's a sucker for nostalgia. For more, check the history of Defunkd and Jimmy's Expertise.

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