Going Once, Going Twice, Going Broke

February 23, 2012 by Jimmy J  · 7 Comments  

Every few weeks we scour through eBay’s vintage t-shirt sales and report which relics are fetching top dollar. More reasons to raid your grandpa’s closet.

Click the links below to view the full eBay listing or the seller’s current inventory.

  1. 70s vintage Led Zeppelin Electric Magic t-shirt sold for $799.99 by PuNKrEviVal
  2. 80s vintage Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe t-shirt sold for $500.00 by xanp6461
  3. 80s vintage The Clash Black Market t-shirt sold for $500.00 by PuNKrEviVal
  4. 70s vintage Albina Roadrunners t-shirt sold for $355.00 by PuNKrEviVal
  5. 70s vintage Showco Wings Over America t-shirt sold for $304.00 by ravijens
  6. 80s vintage Apple Computer t-shirt sold for $300.00 pooteeweet
  • View a previous edition where a Hells Angels t-shirt fetched top dollar.

  • http://worn75.blogspot.com/ John King

    I don’t know how PuNKrEviVal parts with these pieces. 

  • Hugprn

    Awesome shirts!!! Get on Yardsellr to sell them. U will make a MINT! Here is a link to Yardsellr with some fantastic items! 

  • defunkd

    He’S So HoT RiGHt NoW.

  • Goji

    passed along couple of hands before arrived to ebay..

  • http://www.printrunner.com/posters/full-color-posters.html Posters Printing

    These vintage shirt are to die for. Can I take home the shirt with Marilyn Monroe design? these are perfect for days when I just dress down but still look cute.

  • http://www.thecyclery.etsy.com/ Cyclery Bike Tees

    Sweet Clash shirt. Takes me back as I am of a certain age to actually own the 10″ pressing. Cool understated Wings tee too.

  • Blogspot Yousaf

    this is all about summer stuff do you deal in winter items???

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