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    Stories By Karl

    • Nike

      How to ID and Avoid Cracked Soles

      By April 8, 2009

      In this blog I have shown many cracked midsole pictures of original Nikes, it’s time to...

    • Nike

      Vintage Treasure Cave Part 3

      By April 6, 2009

      A few weeks ago, I wrote about the vintage Nike treasure cave, gathered in the nineties,...

    • Nike

      Nike Yankee (1982)

      By April 4, 2009

      Wow. Good luck finding a pair of these vintage Nike Yankee shoes. info from

    • Nike

      McEnroe’s Nike Challenge Court

      By April 3, 2009

      In this early eighties photo, McEnore wears his Nike Challenge Courts (and some Sergio Tacchini’s Short’s...

    • Nike

      Seinfelds Nike’s

      By April 2, 2009

      Seinfeld loves his sneakers.. in the first 4-5 seasons, he wore almost every episode another pair...

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