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Vintage Treasure Cave Part 3

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Vintage Treasure Cave Part 3

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the vintage Nike treasure cave, gathered in the nineties, by a person who bought all the old stock from the local mom and pop stores….his/their dream was to start a sneaker museum, showcasing tons of models from the eighties and the nineties… all this buying up of old stocks resulted in tons and tons of boxs full of FSR vintage Nike’s… to much to handle in my opinion 🙂

At the end of 2007,, i guess they are the owner of the vintage old stock, started the process of selling them, or at least a small part of it….

Here are some pics from the set up, before being put on their website

and this is a first selection on

prices are a bit steep, and it will take them ages before they have sold for those prices all their stock, but then again, vintage nike don’t have really fixed prices… i would never pay 500 USD for those windrunners, but when you have the money, and you were already looking for ages for a pair in that colorway, price is not an issue

again: check out their website and enjoy all the excellent pictures.. i hope they will post more of their shoes!!!!

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