Shelter – Longsleeve Hooded Shirt

Don’t refresh that page, you did not misread the title. Yes, that does say longsleeve hooded shirt. That’s right. It’s not a sweatshirt. It’s a tshirt with long sleeves AND a hood. My mind is blown. I didn’t think it could get any better than those 4 basketball jerseys, but in_vinyl_we_trust has outdone himself. Serious… Continue reading ».

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Cro-mags 1991.

Oh janvanderdam, your closet must be full of gems, what with the constant barrage of awesome shirts you keep putting up for sale. I mean, if it was me? Any 1991 Cro-mags shirt I had would be held on to for life..


Cro-Mags 10th Anniversary World Tour

1991. I was probably hanging out, reading GI Joe comic books thinking that girls still had cooties. Fuck it, girls still do have cooties. But not American Apparel store now, though. 1991, Brooklyn. I can only imagine the horror of it all. This wasn’t the rough and tumble early 80s, but this was an era… Continue reading ».

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GB Euro 1991

That last post fromjanvanderdam. If CIV isnt your thing than maybe later era GB shirts are? I have posted this a halfdozen times at least in the past year so i dont have much more to say about this except that this particular shirt looks HUGE. Its big but not crazy big. I think the… Continue reading ».

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