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The Vintage News by Cottonuity: April 6, 2021

The Vintage News


The Vintage News by Cottonuity: April 6, 2021

It is April 6th, 2021, I’m Tom with Cottonuity, and this is the Vintage News.

Brrrtual Flea and Thriftcon

Well as we’ve mentioned before, open-air Markets, Swap Meets, and Flea Markets are coming back full swing. Famously the Brrrtual Flea and Thriftcon will both be this month, but as you’re aware, someone in your own city is probably hosting some sort of event you can vend at. Here at The Vintage News, we think it’s in all vintage vendors’ best interests to get out there and meet some people in your local community by selling vintage. Not only does this get you meeting people in your area, but you are bringing vintage to more people this way, and expanding our community even further.

Now, this being said, we have predictions on what this means for our Instagram communities. As you’ve probably noticed, 90% of the people bidding on Instagram live auctions are other sellers themselves. The implications behind this could be discussed for a whole podcast, but to me, this means that we are the only ones who currently understand the value of these items. With all these sellers having more money in their pockets selling in person, this means that there will be more money to be spent on grail items. Maybe this means you should secure your grails while you can. Anyone got any Blink 182 tees they wanna sell me on the low, as a friend?

Beyond Cured IGTV Talk Shows

To my knowledge, @beyond.cured has begun the first vintage talk show. Beyond the Horn is a take on ESPN’s “Around the Horn” – an old Sports Talk show that awarded points to commentators who made great arguments. In the vintage version, Beyond.Cured hosts an open live, and anyone is welcome to come in and discuss the pinned topic. This Monday was the first episode, and they covered things like the Most Overhyped genre, whether there will be a Stock of vintage, and what tees people are sleeping on. For a 4-way live, it seems to work pretty well, and the discussion moved seamlessly and remained interesting the whole time. Beyond.cured has also started another show – “Outside the Tees” where sellers come on and discuss their personal collections and what they mean to them. All episodes are on his IGTV if you want to hear some great conversation.

As for this week’s lives – it’s springtime and love is in the air. Spend some time outside with some friends – safely of course, and take some time off Instagram this week. Or if you are going to stay inside, let me know which one you’re watching so I have some to highlight for next week!

As always, please like, comment, share and save this video so Instagram knows that people like it. Let me know if you have any vintage news for next week’s episode too! This is Tom from @Cottonuity, signing off.

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