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The Vintage News by Cottonuity: March 15, 2021

The Vintage News


The Vintage News by Cottonuity: March 15, 2021

It is March 15th, 2021, I’m Tom from Cottonuity, and this is the vintage news.

IG “Live Rooms”: Battle Royale & Royal Rumble

At the top of the heap – Instagram has recently implemented the ability to have 4 people live at once. This is changing things up immensely for live auctions, and we are seeing new and exciting ways to offer vintage clothing through “Live Rooms” as Instagram calls them. @Vilecollects hosted a sort of live chat about classic video games and the state of the video game tee shirt market, with a few other enthusiasts. @1980somethingco has been doing the “Battle Royale” format on open lives, where two vendors show off an item, the viewers name their bids on the item they want, and the vendor with the highest bid gets to stay to compete again. This has been a great way to get collectors to pull out some of their most sought-after items, in hopes that they can win, and release some hard-to-find items into the wild. Finally, our favorite 4-way auction has been @highoffnostalgia_ ‘s “Royal Rumble” mystery auction. In this style bidders throw up bids for mystery items/bundles, and once they’ve won, they choose one of the 4 auctioneers and name what kind of item they’re after. The selected vendor then shows their item, and the winning bidder can either accept or pass it to the next vendor, eliminating the passed-on vendor. It’s an exciting and high stakes live to bid on, and the co-host @vintagepimpage604 makes sure to keep the energy high during the whole show.

Virtual Flea Anniversary

As it was the 50th week anniversary of the Virtual Flea, and it seems that Chris accidentally made it a weekend to remember. While running auctions with @thethriftlord, Round Two Vintage co-founder @fineminn decided to hop in and chop it up with the two of them, and eventually convinced Sean Wotherspoon, the vintage influencer himself, to hide from his family and come hang out on the live stream. While @fineminn showed off his jaw-dropping collection, Sean proceeded to drop a few gems of knowledge. The most valuable I thought, was the fact that as soon as you sell something, it’s going to sell for more. I think accepting that fact is important when deciding on how to price, and sell your items. Another interesting tidbit was his thoughts on re-opening – now that the Mecca of vintage, the famous Rosebowl Flea Market, is going to re-open, we are going to see a downward trend in the price of vintage, as access to it becomes more available due to in-person shopping. Maybe this means to sell off all your high-priced items on one of the aforementioned Battle Lives, who knows!

End of The World Vintage’s 24-Hour Auction

Quickly we also wanted to highlight the LITERAL tireless efforts of @EndofTheWorldVintage – he hosted the very first 24-hour live auction, that allowed any and all people to come in and auction some items while he stayed engaged and delirious for 24 straight hours. This is the first of its kind, and I’m excited to see if someone wants to challenge him on a longer event. Another highlight was @Varlago – letting everyone know that he will be GIVING AWAY the infamous $6k Genie Tee with @1980somethingco, so stay tuned to their stories for more details, I’m sure he’ll also bring a ton of insane vintage tees the next time he’s live as well.

Upcoming Vintage Live Auctions on Instagram

Finally – some Live events on Instagram to highlight for you all. @brassmonkeyvintage hosts a vintage clothing AND records live on Thursdays, where you can see some elusive vinyl, alongside all the tees on there. @Highoffnostalgia_ will be bringing back the Royal Rumble tomorrow night and will be open to let anyone on if they want to bring some big vintage bundles to sell. Hogan with @drewheiftez and @deadunion will also be moving to Mondays, so don’t be caught missing out on Friday nights.

As always, please share, like, comment, and save this video so Instagram knows you like it. Also, please send me any vintage news that you think is relevant so I can host it on next week’s episode.

Thanks for reading the Vintage News, this is Tom from Cottonuity, signing off.

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