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The Vintage News by Cottonuity: March 23, 2021

The Vintage News


The Vintage News by Cottonuity: March 23, 2021

It is Tuesday, March 23rd, I’m Tom from @Cottonuity, and this is the vintage news.


Thriftcon – one of the biggest vintage clothing markets was last weekend in Atlanta, and our sources tell us that it was an absolute doozy. Famous rappers like Lil Yachty, B.o.B., producer Jarren Benton and others pulled up, as well as thousands of others, creating an over 2-hour wait to get into the event. Sellers have reported nearly selling out their booths, so if you’re in Denver, you might want to think about signing up for their next event in April! There was a lot of reported theft at the event as well, unfortunately, notably, @franktwwk had this Michael Jordan tee taken from his booth, so please keep a lookout.

4-Way Instagram Live Auctions

We touched on this last week – but 4-way lives have really taken over the vintage community. With lots of developing styles of auctions, it is interesting to see the progression of different takes on the platform. I was able to take part in one last week, and while it was great to pass on some higher-priced items in a bundle, the format does not lend itself well to communicating easily to other members of the live. This is no disrespect to the host @vintagepimpage604, as he does a great job of hosting. I think sellers need some time to get used to the format, much like how we learned how to use zoom calls last year. That being said, will we see the emergence of THE 4 way live, much like the Virtual Flea? Time will tell.

Summer Vintage Trends

As summer approaches, we are looking forward to trends during those sunny months of the year. The rising trend of straight leg, baggy jeans, and vintage Carhartt makes us believe that we may see a similar shift in shorts. Does this mean we can throw away our 5” inseam shorts? You might be diving into your uncle’s closet for your summer apparel as well, as we predict that big shorts are going to come back again. Keep a lookout for Sean John, Mecca, and Cherokee shorts to make sure you stay on top of the trend. Tall tees and big shorts are looking to make a comeback this year.

Finally, a few live events to highlight this week. Yours truly will be attempting to host a local live event this Friday with @thehippestteacher. It will feature Albertan sellers, and an open live at the beginning of the event, so do us a favor and try to hop in! We also wanted to showcase one of the most slept on live shows – DAMN! The Dutch Auction Monday show with @fineanddandthrowbacks – if you’re patient, you can get an absolute steal on Enrique’s show, and each week has a general theme, last week being art tees!

Please send me any vintage news you hear about to feature it on next week’s show. Thanks for reading, this is Tom from Cottonuity, signing out.

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