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Big Bang Theory Gets Real Vintage Tee Makeover

Vintage T-Shirts in the Big Bang Theory


Big Bang Theory Gets Real Vintage Tee Makeover

Our theory is that they would make a bigger bang if they outfitted themselves in true vintage t-shirts. Here’s what they would wear if Defunkd was in charge of their wardrobe.


Leonard commonly sports a modern-day red Periodic Table of the Elements tee…which is kind of cool. But comparing new tees to their vintage counterpart is like comparing Ag to Au. The proper detailing on this vintage tee ensures it’s worth its weight in Lu.

Periodic Table
Available at: Defunkd

A radioactive symbol is no stranger to Leonard’s chest, so here’s a true vintage tee that radiates kitschy coolness. This t-shirt is direct from the 70s yet has plenty of half-life left in it.

Available at: Skippy Haha

P.S. Leonard – instead of just having the recycle symbol on your tee, why not actually recycle by wearing old t-shirts?


Sheldon is by far the show’s standout t-shirt superhero. Problem is he wears reproduction DC Comics tees manufactured with that “vintage” look. Yuck. We suspect one of his Superman tees (the metallic looking plastic heat transfer) MIGHT be vintage, but most likely just the transfer portion is.

You know how comic book enthusiasts collect original comics and find reprints are repulsive? No different in the world of comic book t-shirts – so smarten up Sheldon (if that’s even possible.) Here’s some originals to replace his current ones:

available at: Stormcrow

The Flash
available at: Stormcrow

Available at: Stormcrow

Why does Sheldon only sport strictly DC characters on his tees? Because DC is an arm of Warner Brothers and the WB backs TBBT. Ipso facto Sheldon’s upper wardrobe is stuck in the World of DC. The writers, however, make references to Marvel all the time. No one as smart as Sheldon would turn his torso on the Marvel Universe and he has admittedly dreamed of having Wolverine’s skeleton.

He needs to come out of the closet as the Marvel fanboy he is. And what better way to do it than with this t-shirt:

Available at: Defunkd

A serious gamer – Sheldon has sported a repro Intellivision Astrosmash tee. We love him referencing the more obscure 1980s gaming console. But a true vintage t-shirt based on one of the system’s top ranked games gets a high score in the video game department:

Thin Ice Intellivsion
Available at: Fatandyz


Aerospace Engineer, non-t-shirt wearer and…er…ladies man. But he launches more actual rockets than his own…if you know what we mean. If you don’t, we are eluding to the fact that his crotch rocket remains grounded (most of the time.) Dude could stand to improve his look with something: not red, sans buttons and job topical. The touch of sexual subliminal imagery is a bonus.

Available at: Fatandyz


Another character who desperately needs a t-shirt makeover and we’ve got one that would be a great gateway tee for an astrophysicist. If it’s any constellation it might even help him strike up a few conversations with some model/astrophysicist types.

Available: Fatandyz


It’s about time she make an appearance in a fitted vintage t-shirt. “Do. Or do not. There is no try” she said whilst in the sack with Leonard. She even knew it was from Empire Strikes Back. This tee is an original ESB movie crew tee:

Empire Strikes Back Crew Tee
Available: Max Vintage

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