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Ride Like Lightning

Metallica in Place Beyond the Pines


Ride Like Lightning

Ryan Gosling Metallica T-ShirtIn, A Place Beyond the Pines, Ryan Gosling sports a sleeve-trimmed Metallica Ride The Lightning shirt. The shirt even has subtle story significance with the quote, “If you ride like lightning, you’re gonna crash like thunder” spoken to Gosling’s character by his partner in crime. See it. The film is awesome and the tee is just a little extra eye candy in an otherwise beautifully shot epic.

But is the shirt vintage? And is it even a t-shirt? In some scenes, it looks as though it could be a sweatshirt. Whatever the case may be we can rule out it from being an original from 1987 (some of which were glow in the dark.) With Gosling being over 6 feet tall and likely in the 190lb range, it’s far-fetched that a size from that era would fit as loosely as it appears to. It could, however, be one of the 1994 copywritten re-issues that Metallica churned out and is technically vintage. And those tees were manufactured in XLs that was near today’s standards and generally made with thicker material. Tee or sweat? Real or Repro? Cast your vote below.

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