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The Vintage News by Cottonuity: March 1, 2021

Vintage T-Shirt News


The Vintage News by Cottonuity: March 1, 2021

Hello There!

My name is Tom, and I run a little vintage business called Cottonuity. Recently, I have begun a weekly show I cleverly named “The Vintage News”, that I film in my living room. Yes it’s a little low rent, and not funded, but it gets the information to the people who need it! The show is posted every Monday on my Instagram Page, and I talk about anything vintage related, like the rise and fall of the prices of Disney Tees after the $6000 Genie shirt, drama in the vintage community, and highlights of live auctions to watch on Instagram from burgeoning vintage accounts. I’ll also begin to post them here, on Defunkd, if you prefer to read instead of watching. So let’s get into this week’s happenings…

Dry Rot Challenge

Our breaking news is a call to arms for all vintage dealers. Most people in our community have experienced Dry Rot – it’s when the black dyes from typically unworn vintage shirts begin to turn into acid and eat away at the cotton of the shirt. This makes the shirts begin to rip like paper, and makes them unwearable. To help manage this crisis, @WaxandThreadsVintage and @defunkd have teamed up to offer a cash prize to anyone who thinks they can cure it. If you’re an aspiring scientist with a passion for vintage, this could not only net you $1000, you would also be the savior to millions of passionate vintage heads. Check the official rules for more information on how you can make history.

Orlando Sneaker Convention

Next up – with restrictions lifting and people feeling safer, selling vintage is beginning to migrate offline to local markets. For a live field report, we had our field reporter show us what it’s like. Frank Fanelli from @FrankTWWK was a vendor last weekend at the Orlando Sneaker Convention and had a great turnout. It turns out that being in Florida doesn’t bring a lot of apprehensions when it comes to Covid-19. Frank was able to interview a few Vintage vendors from the event as well:

FrankTWWK: I’m here with J-Bal from @Roadtorags.vtg, J-Bal, what’s the most you’ve ever spent on a T-shirt?

Roadtorags.vtg: Well I’d probably say about $200 on a shirt that I considered an investment

Frank: What is it exactly that you like to collect the most?

J-Bal: you know I reall enjoy things like Star Wars, Movie Tees, old punk stuff, and yeah, music stuff as well!

Frank: Thanks J-Bal!

Frank also found a friend to talk to, Stephen from @Drivethruvintage

Frank:  Stephen, I wanted to ask you, what do you like to collect, and what do you like to sell?

Stephen: Pretty much anything man, from Horror tees, to band tees, Disney, uhh, the hype is real brother. Anything that’s cool I like

Frank:  How’d you do today?

Stephen:  Great man, I made a killing, met some cool people. I can’t complain

Frank: This might be a little weird to talk about, but how do you feel about all the fucking idiots and jabronis walking around not wearing a mask?

It was at this point that a maskless Stephen began to grow weary of Franks antics, and the video cut out so I’m not sure what transpired after. Frank did send over the final part of the interview, in which Stephen was wearing a mask. (We kid, Stephen’s a good guy and wore a mask throughout the event, and only took it off so Frank could crack some jokes on his behalf. Thanks for going along with it Stephen)

Frank: Stephen, last question for you. What’s the most you’ve spent on a vintage t-shirt?

Stephen: Uhh, I’d say about $400?

Frank: Hmm $400, do you consider that to be a lot of money?

Stephen: Huh, yeah!

Live Vintage Auctions on Instagram

Lastly, we have a few lives we want to highlight for all of you this week. If you weren’t familiar with the Queen of Live auctions – Tarah from @TigerStyleUSA goes live every Tuesday night and has an Open live you can hop on at the end of her show. She also goes Live with @BigMikesFire every Monday night as well – and she actually raised a ton of money for Mike’s wife who was in an accident and needed money for hospital bills, so go support her and Mike! If you have kids and you’re watching this, you should definitely tune into @WayBackKids live event tomorrow night, where they sell Vintage Kids clothes, so your kids can look as good as you!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll do my best to keep you up to date on Vintage, whether it be on my Instagram, or on here.

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