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5 Vintage Advertising Tees That Turnoff Customers

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5 Vintage Advertising Tees That Turnoff Customers

1. Joe Mama’s Pizza

Joe Mama's Pizza

We’re pretty sure this dude needs a do-over on his food handling course. He might want to brush up on his customer service skills too.

courtesy: vintagemaniac

2. Full of Bull Restaurant

Full of Bull

“Full of bull” is a polite way of saying full of shit, which isn’t all that appetizing. And a cow eating a burger? Mad Cow Restaurant might be a better name.

courtesy: fatandyz

3. Kelly Radiator

Kelly Radiator

Funny, although linking your business to piss has never been a highly touted marketing practice.

courtesy: defunkd

4. Bell System

Bell System

A wise man once said, “that’s assault brother!” – Billy Madison.

courtesy: blackmarket

5. Tattletale Bar

Tattletale Bar

Ready to put on your beer goggles and have a regrettable one-night stand? The bar known as Tattletale might not be the optimal place to start your night.

courtesy: skippyhaha

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