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5 Bootleg Bart Owning Saddam Tees

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5 Bootleg Bart Owning Saddam Tees

On December 30th we celebrate the 7 year anniversary of a world free of this dicktator. Let’s celebrate with some fond t-shirt memories of Bootleg Bart taking care of everyone’s 1990s Saddam angst.

This list was inspired by the cool cats over at Bootleg Bart on Facebook. The photos are compliments of them and their community.

1. This Bart’s For You

This Scud's for You Bart Tee

2. Airborne Bart

Bootleg Bart Airborne Tee

3. Rambart

Bootleg Bart Rambart T-Shirt

4. Bully Bart

Vintage Bootleg Bart Vs Saddam Tee

5. Bargain Hunting Bart

Bootleg Bart Saddam Oil Tee

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