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5 Religious Tees We Have Faith You’ll Wear

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5 Religious Tees We Have Faith You’ll Wear

1. Jesus Likes Coke

Jesus Coke T-Shirt

The Coca-Cola Company decided not to sue Jesus over this tee which clearly infringes upon their trademark and slogan. Coincidentally Coke has exclusive beverage rights in heaven.

available at: defunkd

2. Who’s There?

Knock Knock Jesus T-Shirt

If Jesus knocks on your door and you answer, he will invite himself in for dinner. That’s the gist of revelation 3:20. Revelation 4:20 on the other hand, Jesus doesn’t knock, he just opens your door and raids your kitchen. Dude doesn’t even bother to put his dishes away either.

available at: fatandyz

4. Pope-Mania

Pope Tour Tee

This is a crew t-shirt worn by the Vatican roadies when the Pope took his act on the road in the 1980s. Oh, the stories they could tell, but somehow they manage to abstain.

available at: defunkd

4. Godvertising

God Advertising Slogan Tee

God is like SCOTCH TAPE… You can’t see him, but you know he’s there. Until he turns yellow and ruins your favorite Corey Haim poster.

available at: defunkd

5. Intervention

Hebrew Road Race Tee

They told Abraham to go to re-hab and he said לא, לא, לא.

available at: defunkd

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