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10 Vintage Tourist Tees That Discourage Visitors

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10 Vintage Tourist Tees That Discourage Visitors

1. Arizona

Vintage Arizona Tourist T-Shirt

Being way too hot is not a selling feature. To make matters worse, drivers are far less likely to pick up hitchhikers who are skeletons.

courtesy: fatandyz

2. Texas

Vintage Texas is for Lovers T-Shirt

What?! Pretty sure Virginia is for lovers. Texas is for people who like guns and use lovers for target practice.

courtesy: defunkd

3. New York City

Vintage New York City Cat T-Shirt

Once thought to be the cutting edge of cool NYC has been a booming epicenter for cat ladies.

courtesy: defunkd

4. Singapore

Vintage Singapore T-Shirt

Not so sure you’d want to go to a place where police check toilets after you use them. Floaters are fine worthy. Google it.

courtesy: envie t’s

5. Washington D.C.

Vintage Washington D.C. T-Shirt

My parents went to Washington and all they got me was this crumby t-shirt (that was subsequently stolen when they were mugged.)

courtesy: defunkd

6. Kansas

Vintage Kansas Tourist T-Shirt

Visit and you’ll get sucked into a vortex. Need proof? Dorothy, Wizard of Oz. Boom.

courtesy: defunkd

7. Bermuda

Vintage Bermuda T-Shirt

Come on Bermuda! You have so much more to offer than a slogan comprised of another slogan!

courtesy: SuperMama Tees

8. Buckley, Washington

Vintage Buckley Log Show T-Shirt

High entertainment in Buckley involves the massacre of trees. Not really the type of thing that gives us wood, if you know what we mean. If you don’t, we mean an erection.

courtesy: envie t’s

9. New Hampshire

Vintage New Hampshire T-Shirt

After seeing The Village by M. Night Shyamlayayams, we’ll take a pass.

courtesy: envie t’s

10. Cleveland

Vintage Cleveland T-Shirt

We Googled “punk penguins” hoping these guys actually existed at some point. They don’t. Avoid Cleveland.

courtesy: skippyhaha

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