GB 1990 longsleeve

Man, when it rains it pours. I went from never seeing this shirt to seeing two hoodies and this longsleeve all in the same week. You just dont see this shirt around that much. For once igren did not destroy tailor a shirt. I also have this shirt in a size L and it fits real weird. Instead of a short and wide its a slim and long. I wouldnt mind lopping 2 inches off the bottom of mine but thats just not gonna happen.

Vintage GB 1990 longsleeve tee
Vintage GB 1990 longsleeve tee

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We’ll Make The Difference.

I once owned an Insted shirt like the one being auctioned off by possesedtoskate. Thing of it was, it was not actually my tee: it belonged to Btrust, and it somehow ended up in my possession for a long ass time- at least 3 or 4 years. Sadly, since I was never the biggest Insted fan, rather than hold onto it when he didn’t want it anymore, I simply gave it back and let him give it to someone else. Brains: some times I don’t use them.

Vintage We’ll Make The Difference. tee

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CW Sweatpants.

I dunno Murphy, I think this pair of size medium Cold World sweatpants from basketofcobraz might be a little too small for you… then again, you’ll probably just wear them to the dump anyways, so who cares if they end up snug in the junk.

Vintage CW Sweatpants. tee

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Found In A Dive.

Gotta love where joshdoubleyou says he found this Sick Of It All “The Pain Strikes” tee: wadded up into a ball and used for insulation inside a wall in Brooklyn! Thankfully, he also says he washed any and all remnants of asbestos off.

“Doesn’t get more new york than that does it?”

Well I mean, you could have taken it off a bum who was taking a dump in a trash can on Avenue A before he could use it for toilet paper, but I guess that isn’t the New York of 2011…


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