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The History and Timeline of the Brockum T-Shirt Tag: 1974-1997

History of the vintage brockum t-shirt tag


The History and Timeline of the Brockum T-Shirt Tag: 1974-1997


Brockum (originally Krimson Corp.) was started in 1974 in England, later moving to New Jersey. In 1984 it was purchased by Toronto-based Concert Productions International (CPI). During this period there was no Brockum tag, usually just a generic ‘Made in Canada’ tag with RN#69761. Not only did Brockum’s roster include British titans like The Rolling Stones, Def Leppard, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, and Yes, but they also had licensing deals with Michael Jackson, Guns N’Roses, and Metallica.


In 1988 Brockum was sold to Labatt Brewing Company, this is when we start seeing the OG silver tags. It seems both the ‘Collection’ and ‘Group’ tags were introduced simultaneously with the ‘Collection’ eventually getting phased out in the early 90s and by 1993 it was all ‘Group’ and Black ‘Worldwide’. The Black ‘Worldwide’ was first seen in 1991 and would be used until 1994. ‘Sewn in Dominican Republic’  was largely seen in 1989, and was quite the anomaly. Not only was this tag used for such a short period of time, but it was also rare in the USA to see ‘sewn in’ and the Dominican Republic on a T-shirt.

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Circa 1997 Brockum was bought out by Nice Man in Minnesota.

Brockum Worldwide Made in USA tag
Metallica tag Under Licence to Brockum
Rolling Stones '89 Tag Rockware by Brockum
Rolling Stones Clothing By Brockum Tag
Rockware Registered Trademark of Brockum Tag
Balzout Presents the Brockum Collection
Labatt Beer Gear by Brockum
Brockum Canada Wide Tag
Brockum Canada Jacket Tag
The Brockum Group Tag

Among the most popular Vintage T-shirt tags, Brockum appears to have many lessor-seen oddball variations – that are often mistaken as fake. One of the prime examples of this is the infamous Brockum Worldwide Made in China tag – but there are others in the Worldwide series that have caught our attention, yet we have yet to determine they are actually fake.

Brockum Worldwide Wide Tag

Brockum Worldwide Made In Jamaica

brockum worldwide blue tag

woven brockum worldwide tag

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Check out more examples of Brockum tags.

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