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Don’t Fear the Reaper, Fear the Repro


Don’t Fear the Reaper, Fear the Repro

real and fake vintage tees


A few years back I authored a couple of eBay guides to shopping for a genuine vintage t-shirt. They have been very well received, viewed over 35,000 times and rated 92% helpful by readers. Unfortunately, the eBay system’s limitations prevented me from authoring the guides exactly how I wanted. Well, I just updated them with the latest info on forgery techniques and decked them out with tons of new photos including a vintage brand gallery.

These three guides will remain static resource pages on the right hand side of the blog, or check them out here:

Vintage T-Shirts 101: eBay Shopping Guide

Vintage T-Shirts 102: Say NO to Repro

Vintage T-Shirts 103: The Brand Gallery


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