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Vintage Vantage Gives Good Gavel


Vintage Vantage Gives Good Gavel

avalancheThe good news: VV has gone throwback by auctioning over 100 vintage t-shirts through their eBay account. I can’t recall the last time they had so many tees up for grabs…I’m pretty sure Bush was in the White House, and American troops were in Iraq.

The sad news: during the craziness to all get the shirts listed, there was an accident on the VV set. Their lovable dog was caught under a horrific vintage tee avalanche…until a smart human sniffed him out.

This isn’t the first time VV has had a close call. Remember the time the set dresser forgot to remind the models that a toy water pistol was actually loaded with real water? Scary.

With bids starting as low as $1.99 we don’t need Bob Barker to tell us if the price is right, especially during tough economic times. And if you plan on giving the gift of vintage, the auctions are all timed to ensure delivery before December 24th.

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