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Defunkd Gets Enhancd


Defunkd Gets Enhancd

We’re still doing tweaks here and there but the death star is almost fully operational! Our new blog layout is more funky, a little less cluttered and a little cleaner. We’ve also included a nifty toolbar at the bottom of the screen to give you a snapshot of everything we’re up to online and it also facilitates site-wide announcements. But the best part of the toolbar is the language translator for our Malaysian, Japanese and other international friends who frequent our pages. We also enhanced our comments section ever-so-slightly to allow for easy quoting and replies.

There’s many more enhancements to come in 2011, but for now we’ll just get back to blogging. If you notice any issues with the site or have any suggestions for things you would like to see, leave us a message below.

And thank-you for your support over the years!

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