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Buyer Alert: 1223coo (2011LADY1990)


Buyer Alert: 1223coo (2011LADY1990)

I’ve heard so many complaints about this buyer over the years that a post like this is overdue. It’s evident that vintage t-shirt buyer 1223coo (then renamed happypretty10, now operates as 2011LADY1990) has been operating unethically for many years. Back in my eBay selling days I considered blocking him from my listings because I consistently noticed that he left negative feedback for sellers claiming that packages never arrived (among other complaints.) He continued to purchase from me many times until that inevitable day came when I got an email from him claiming a particular package didn’t arrive. And unlike any other Japanese person I have dealt with he’s extremely rude, demanding and threatening in all his communications. I refunded his money immediately – trying to avoid a PayPal claim – knowing that I didn’t have tracking on the package and they would automatically rule in his favor. But that was a mistake. Since most people are quick to refund him outside of an offical claim, he flies under their abuse radar because these instances don’t have reports attached to them. Which is why it’s probably a smart policy to always ask buyers to submit a PayPal claim. 1223coo has obviously mastered his technique, never repeatedly making claims against the same seller – and seems to target more novice sellers who don’t usually offer vintage tees for sale.

Here’s a sad story one seller reported on Christmas eve 2010. I was always aware 1223coo was a dealer, but didn’t know he operated online via This seller reports getting a claim filed against him and then actually finding the shirts in 1223coo’s blog at a later date (he since removed the url). Unbelievable. If you’ve had this situation with him you might want to see if your shirt is or was available in his store or featured on his blog (

Keep in mind, many popular sellers have told me that he has been a regular customer for years and never raised any issues. Monitor this page and see what kind of comments roll in and decide for yourself if he warrants blocked bidder list consideration.


If you’ve had any dealings with this buyer (good or bad) please add your comments below – I’d like to use this as a forum to notify eBay and PayPal about his activities.


私たちは多くの国の人たちと取引をしていますが、その中でも日本のお客様をとても信頼しています。しかし大変 残念なことに最近日本の取引相手で1223cooというIDの一人がebay上の我々との取引において不正を働いていることが問題になっています。彼は注 文したTシャツが届いてないと虚偽のクレイムをし、PayPalにて返金を受けています。このことを我々は詐欺だと考えています。また彼はebayの規約 に反し、入札価格を不正に操作しています。このような行動や仲間からの苦情を受け、我々は彼の行動を広く仲間に報告しています。このことが我々の仲間であ る売り手側への虚偽の苦情を彼にさせている原因でもあります。





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