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He’s Back! 1223coo = 2011lady1990


He’s Back! 1223coo = 2011lady1990

Remember when the Defunkd community rallied to report 1223coo (aka happypretty10) to eBay for his his years of abusive refund practices? Thanks to your actions his account was suspended from eBay and his ability to rip-off sellers and use illegal bidding practices was halted. But like most scheisters on eBay he simply started a new account called 2011lady1990 – we all knew this day would come. An inside source has confirmed he’s signed up using a relatives account – the account holder has the same last name (Hotta).

If you are so inclined here’s the link to report him – apparently this now has to be done via the phone:

and you might as well include a link to our original post in the report. Oh, and don’t forget to add his new ID to your blocked bidder list:

UPDATE 8/14/2012: Hotta continues to operate on eBay under 2011LADY1990 and continues to enrage collectors worldwide. Recently  outed for allegedly dealing fake seds shirts. He also seems to be primarily using Yahoo! auctions in Japan to distribute his fakes. To our friends in Japan please beware of seller account PONJP1005 on Yahoo!

Comments have been coming in regularly on three different Defunkd blog posts about him. Lets rally again and use the link above to report his eBay account.

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