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Mission ImBossible


Mission ImBossible

Go check out MI:4 and you’ll notice a poly/cotton cameo by Bruce Springsteen. After aborting a mission inside the Kremlin Ethan Hunt sheds his disguise as a high ranking Russian official into a nerdy American tourist complete with glasses, a map and this Born in the USA tour tee.

But is it real or a repro commissioned for the flick? We’re definitely familiar with the design. And it has some true vintage qualities- ie the design fade and a stretched neck as if the tee had taken a pounding over the years. But like the world of Mission Impossible nothing in film making is what it seems.

There’s no reason Cruise couldn’t fit into a genuine vintage t-shirt – he’s not exactly Arnold Schwarzenegger sized. But some stars have an aversion to wearing used clothing – Peter Fonda reportedly refused to wear vintage during the height of his career forcing costume designers to reproduce his clothes. Boo!

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