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Tony Stark: In Heavy Metal and Into Heavy Metal

Iron Man's Black Saabath Tee in the Avengers


Tony Stark: In Heavy Metal and Into Heavy Metal

Of course, Stark’s favorite music is Heavy Metal, what did you expect, soft rock? This is a screen grab from The Avengers Super Bowl trailer which has us pondering if the rebel billionaire prefers true vintage. He should, just out of respect for fallen vintage tee aficionado DJ AM who made a cameo in the Iron Man sequel. And with Academy Award-winning costume designer Alexandra Bryne behind the scenes we should expect nothing less given she’s no stranger to vintage.

However – Downey himself has been spotted in both true and repro vintage. His lame “Worn Free” tee failed to impress us but he gets full points for sporting an original Van Halen jersey. He’s got the perfect build to rock the real deal so it’s ridiculous that Robert would ever choose repros, right?

The cut on this tee definitely looks vintage – but was the 1970s original printed with gold ink? Or is this a commissioned repro – customized with gold for Iron Man armor continuity and to make it more subtle so it doesn’t steal the scene? Cast your vote below!

Have your say below and cast your vote about Tom Cruise’s Springsteen tee in Mission Impossible.

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