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Air Max 180 (1991) Generation One

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Air Max 180 (1991) Generation One

The shoe that started it all (my collection at least) is a pair of OG vintage Air Max 180. Bought on sale in a store in 2002.

At that time ignorant of midsole yellowing of even midsole cracking and separating midsoles, I bought them because a) they looked fantastic and b) back in the days these were quasi unaffordable, with a price tag of over 150 euro’s (an that was in 1991 a LOT OF MONEY!)

I picked these up for like 10 euro’s and wore them for the following two-three years.
Went running with them in the rain, in the snow and in the mud…
Went out with these to parties…

Damage after all that use: not a lot. I think these are in fact one of the few wearable pairs left. Midsoles are in very good shape, some minor glue drying, but in general: excellent condition!

I have to say, after all these years, these look still very hot!

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