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360 Vintage: Nike Challenge Court (1988)


360 Vintage: Nike Challenge Court (1988)

If you wanted a pair of Air Tech Challenge 3/4 back in 1988 – the one’s Agassi was playing with, and you asked your mom for a pair like that, you probably would have gotten these:

The poor mans air tech challenge, or just: the air challenge court…
These would have been a lot cheaper back then (probably a good 40% less then the ATC 3/4) and they look “kinda” like the ATC 3/4…. the pink toe (also durathane, like the big brother and similar color combinations….

the good thing is these are still wearable. The ATC 3/4 had a polyurethane midsole , while these are just, good old plain rubber 🙂

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