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Nike Air Jordan VII (1991)

Nike Tees and Sneakers

Nike Air Jordan VII (1991)

Finally i found a pair of Vintage Air Jordan Bordeaux …. still nice and fresh, as if they were made yesterday.

A lot of memories also, since i had them as a teenager (i picked them up during a sale in a store back then (1992-1993) for 15 euro) and i used them until i was a student in university (as my “party shoe that could get dirty and full of mud)

i still try to understand why these have to be so expensive, at last when you pay current market value prices…..500-800 usd for a pair of shoes; a pair of shoes that the youngsters only have seen on pictures, and apparently want to pay? Nowp, i don’t get it….

but i have to admit, i am not a big fan of Jordan shoes (maybe because to many people are focusing to much on them), but the bordeaux together with the Jordan VI infrared are one of nicest designs of sneakers that there exist…..

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