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Bid for a Rockstar Roommate


Bid for a Rockstar Roommate

wagswayzThis week’s strange and unusual eBay auction comes from the lead singer (left) of a rock band titled, WAGSWAYZ. He has generously offered to come live in your home for one week if you bid at least $300. Interested? I was until I realized that he doesn’t do drugs and rarely drinks. What fun is that?

Also keep in mind you’re responsible for paying to have him flown in from Indiana. Damn, costs are staring to add up here and now I just really have my heart set on a creepy stranger living at my house. I’m thinking it might be cheaper to just pick up a hobo with a harmonica on the way home from work. Hold the phone… upon further review of the auction I realize he’s sweetened the deal! If he writes a song during his stay that ends up becoming a hit you’ll receive 40% of the royalties, and he already has radio play!

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