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The Dark Knight Rescues Vintage Batman Shirts


The Dark Knight Rescues Vintage Batman Shirts

Fool us once (Batman Forever), shame on you Hollywood. Fool us twice (Batman & Robin), shame on all of us. After the final ticket had been tabulated and all the profits divided amongst the Hollywood elite, a new super-villain was born. The Joker was the least of Batman’s worries as “The Disgruntle Moviegoer” now threatened Bruce Wayne’s entire empire. Comic books, action figures, anything bat-collectible was plummeting in value.

Seven years pass.

Enter hero: director Christopher Nolan and his dark prequel-esque flick, Batman Begins. It exercised our demons of bats past and had us all wishing they made Underoos in adult sizes. Now Nolan’s follow up, The Dark Knight, is only days away from release. And with plenty of early Oscar buzz for Heath Ledger, there’s never been a better time to go throw-back bat.

The shirt below is what someone should be wearing to the premiere. Frank Miller (also of Sin City fame) created The Dark Knight Returns comic series in 1986. While the new film is not based on Miller’s version, it pays homage to it in the title, and holds true to the gritty vigilante overtones which ushered in a darker comic book era.

If you are interested in viewing the listing for this shirt and/or other Batman shirts we have in our store, click here.

Final Price: $124.00

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