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Nikki Sixx Spitts


Nikki Sixx Spitts

nikki spit victimThis week’s strange and unusual eBay auction comes from an entrepreneurial Motley Crue fan (left) who claims her tank top is detailed with Nikki Sixx’s saliva. It all began at a Crue concert in 2005 while she was rocking out from the third row. After turning her head for only an instant Sixx launched his corn syrupy secretion with pin-point accuracy.

Despite the detailed account of the event, the story is still hard to swallow. With thousands of eye witnesses, nobody saw a thing, including the people beside her…or even her for that matter. We shouldn’t rule out the possibility of a second spitter, Keith Hernandez better have a rock solid alibi.

The best part is that she believes auction could raise enough money to purchase a Sleep Number bed. I wonder if you can set those things to 666? That’s the only way she’ll be able to sleep at night knowing she purchased it using the proceeds from sham spit.

The opening bid is under a dollar!

Nikki Sixx Spit Auction

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