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Mickey Mouse Kicks Adolf Hitler in the Nuts

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Mickey Mouse Kicks Adolf Hitler in the Nuts

mickey mouse vs adolf hitler

Here’s a gem from 1943 that was recently sold by vintage clothing merchant torray. It was acquired from the widow of a WWII veteran who resided in the bay area of California. The art was hand drawn by a friend of her husband’s who made it to celebrate deployment.

Home made t-shirts were quite common back then, the t-shirt was quickly becoming a new medium for messages and people were percolating with social commentary (and couldn’t wait 60 years to wait until Threadless was born).

Get a load of the 1940s Hanes logo which almost inspired the title of this post to be “Mickey Gets His Hanes on Hitler”. It just didn’t have the same attention grabbing properties, know what I mean?

Happy belated birthday Adolf, we hope you enjoyed your gifts!

This t-shirt celebrates Mickey during his prime, in fine form and battling evil. It’s hard to believe only a few decades later the poor little rodent falls on hard times. Sorry Walt, there’s more unauthorized vintage mickey mouse t-shirts.

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