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Live Aid Is 25

In, man I feel old, news, 25 years ago today Live Aid simultaneously erupted in front of hundreds of thousands of fans in two jam packed concert venues as 2 billion viewers tuned in from home. The event raised 300 million dollars for famine relief in Ethiopia, inspired numerous rock for charity efforts and proved rockers have big hearts. It’s widely believed that of all the legends who performed that glorious day Queen stole the show with Radio Ga Ga. I get stage fright just watching it.

A vintage Live Aid t-shirt is pretty much the ultimate rock tee. It’s loaded with good karma and represents the best of 80s rock. And if there’s one shirt that shouldn’t be reproduced it’s this one given proceeds from merchandising went to the cause. A repro completely bastardizes the “This Shirt Saves Lives” slogan, yet eBay is jam packed with them. Shame on you bootleggers, I didn’t think it was possible but I now detest you even more than I already did.

If you’re going to snag one, make sure it’s true vintage.

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