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Come Sale Away

We just got wind of some massive vintage t-shirts sales being hosted by three eBay heavyweights:

1. Wyco_Vintage is offering 20% off every fixed price item, which is basically 1000 t-shirts. They also released 30 vintage gems to auction that begin at 99 cents.

2. Stormcrow-Vintage is offering 10-20% off on 170 vintage tees.

3. Vintage Retro Wear is knocking 20% off your entire order. PLUS free shipping if you order 5 or more items (if you reside in the U.S. If you reside elsewhere, same deal, but shipping is 50% off) This deal is exclusive to customers on their mailing list and our readers so the sale doesn’t appear on their listings. Use the code “BOBO” after you make your purchase and your invoice will be adjusted accordingly.

That’s serious savings on well over 3000 shirts….

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Jimmy founded Defunkd in 2004 when he started selling vintage t-shirts online. 20 years of experience later and he hasn't looked back since. Actually, he looks back all the time given he's a sucker for nostalgia. For more, check the history of Defunkd and Jimmy's Expertise.

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