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These Vintage Recording Studio T-Shirts Are Music to Our Ears

Vintage Recording Studio T-Shirts and Jackets


These Vintage Recording Studio T-Shirts Are Music to Our Ears

“My name is Mark Killington and always been a big music fan. By luck in early 1986 I got a job as a general gofer for the late great Rupert Neve (most famous audio equipment designer for studios) and what was then his new company Focusrite after he’d sold his Neve company. The first job he was doing was a sub-mixer for Air Montserrat (George Martin). Rupert was persuaded to go back into big console manufacturing and had a huge list of big studios wanting to leave a deposit to be one of the first recipients of one of his new consoles, unfortunately with the perseverance of the highest quality costing lots of money the banks pulled the plug which sent the company under only two large-format consoles were made due to this, both prototypes really, one for Master Rock and one for Electric Lady Studios in New York. I then started working for Hal Selby, the then owner of Electric Lady to help get all the parts out of the factory and shipped before the factory was locked. He promised me a T-shirt and jacket and he was good to his word and that’s how my interest started. I only collect in items that were issued to staff or clients, not ones that were on sale to the general public.”

Vintage T-Shirts

Electric Lady Studios

The studio originally opened by Hendrix a few months before his untimely death.

Vintage Electric Lady Studios Staff T-Shirt Front
Vintage 1970s Electric Lady Studios Staff T-Shirt Back

Air Montserrat

The studio Rupert Neve had a long association with and the first job he was working on when I arrived at the company.

Air Studios Montserrat West Indies T-Shirt
Vintage Air Mont

Bearsville Studio

I could’ve sold this one many times over, this studio was owned by Albert Grossman (Bob Dylan’s manager.)

Vintage 1970s Bearsville Studio T-Shirt Front

Vintage 1970s Bearsville Studio T-Shirt Back

Criteria Recording Studios

The famous Miami studio.

Vintage 1970s Criteria Recording Studio T-Shirts

Record Plant N.Y.C.

Where Lennon recorded mostly in the 70s.

Vintage 1970s Record Plant NYC Brown T-Shirt
Vintage 1970s Record Plant NYC White T-Shirt

Record Plant Los Angeles

From the LA branch.

Vintage Record Plant T-Shirt

Wally Heider Recording

One of the most valuable items must be this Wally Heider top, from the San Francisco branch of Wally Heider Studios in the 70s.

Vintage Wally Heider Recording Shirt

This Wally Heider T from late 70s/early 80s from the LA branch of Wally Heider Studios

Vintage 1970s Wally Heider Studios Live End T-Shirt

The Automatt

Another great San Francisco studio long gone The Automatt was only in existence from 76 to 84.

Vintage The Automatt Studios T-Shirt

Paisley Park

This one needs no introduction, Paisley Park

Vintage Paisley Park Recording Studios T-Shirt

Caribou Ranch Studio

In Colorado, famous for their great Elton John albums in the mid-70s.

Vintage 1970s Caribou Ranch Studios

Compass Point Studios

This one from Chris Blackwell’s Compass Point Studios in the Bahamas, AC/DC’s comeback album was recorded here and at Electric Lady.

Vintage Compass Point Recording Studios T-Shirt Nassau Bahamas

Bayshore Studios

Bill Szymczyk’s Bayshore Studios, scene of Joe Walsh’s Life’s Been Good.

Vintage Bayshore Recording Studios T-Shirt

Vintage Recording Studio Jackets

Electric Lady

Rare letterman style, leather sleeve jacket.

Vintage Electric Lady Studios Letterman Jacket

The Hit Factory

Where Lennon had been working on that infamous day, with a list of the records made there it had an apt name.
Vintage The Hit Factory Recording Studio Jacket

Atlantic Studios

The famous studio in New York that’s been closed for 30 years or more.

Vintage Atlantic Studios Jean Jacket

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