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Can I Make a Vintage T-Shirt a Size Bigger?


Can I Make a Vintage T-Shirt a Size Bigger?

If you’re a vintage tshirt enthusiast then you probably have a t-shirt or two that’s a wee bit small. Well, according the this video I found on YouTube, the “Household Hackers” can assist you with your little problem.

If this is real, it’s incredible news for the world of vintage t-shirts. Vintage sizing has become so out dated – a vintage XL is basically only a medium by today’s standards. This means those who wear modern day large and XL’s sadly can’t rock out in a true vintage tee. Or can they?

This video shows a 100% cotton tee “expanding a couple of inches in every direction.”

I’m getting to the bottom of this in the Defunkd Laboratories. I will carefully follow every step exactly how it’s presented. I’ll even dab every inch with a sponge despite the devil on my left shoulder shouting, “just dip the whole thing in vinegar you idiot! Baywatch is starting!”

Not only that, I’m going to use a 100% cotton vintage t-shirt as well as a vintage 50/50 blend to see if the results (if any) vary. Can this process be effective on old shirts that have been washed a bajillion times? Hey, even if it’s only one inch – I’ll be happy.

After reviewing the comments on the video, I can’t figure out if I’m skeptical or optimistic. Cross your fingers, if it actually works it could have many other vintage clothing applications.

The chilling conclusion to the un-shrink a t-shirt claim.

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