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Going Once, Going Twice, Going Broke


Going Once, Going Twice, Going Broke

Every two weeks we scour through eBay’s past auctions and report which relics are fetching the big bucks. Even more reasons to raid your granny’s closet.

To view the eBay listing or seller details, click the links below.

  1. Jean Jacket: Vintage 30s Lee Buckle Back $5048.00 sold by: greyergreengrr
  2. Jersey: Vintage 30s Baseball Jersey & Jacket $1550.00 sold by: parentunderstress
  3. Pants: Vintage 1900s Denim Trousers $950.00 sold by: theknotgarden
  4. Shoes: Vintage 80s Nike Air Jordan 1 $621.22 sold by: hotchsneakers
  5. Hat: Vintage 90s RL Polo Snow Beach $350.00 sold by: shaws114
  6. Shirt: Vintage 80s Slayer Reign in Blood $343.99 sold by: yellowmanny


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