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Beatles VS Jedis


Beatles VS Jedis

With the prices of vintage t-shirts soaring we’re pitting some heavy weights against each other in an all-out, no-holds-barred…civilized vote by vintage t-shirt aficionados.

vintage star wars shirt Transcelestians

Beatles Butcher

The true origins of this relic are unknown. Its controversial artwork is derived from the infamous Beatles Butcher album that was released in 1966 and subsequently pulled from shelves because of widespread complaints. The original banned albums are worth a small fortune and this tee is arguably even more scarce. Is it an extremely rare record store promo?  Or one of the earliest examples of bootlegging? Either way it’s a vintage artifact.

Brand: Vee-Kay

Age: 43

Price: $20,000


This badboy is quite possibly the most rare Star Wars collectible on any planet. A t-shirt made for crew when filming began for A New Hope, aka Star Wars aka Transcelestians (the working title). This is such obscure Star Wars trivia that when this working title is Googled, there are no results…seriously, try it. It was once owned by Ben Burtt, the four time Academy Award winning sound technician who got Darth breathing heavy.

Brand: Russell

Age: 32

Price: $29,000

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