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New Addition to the Defunkd Family


New Addition to the Defunkd Family

storkLook up! The nav-tabs above now integrate our new vintage forum. I’ve balked at the idea of a Defunkd forum for a while because the archaic concept reminded me of my Commodore 64 BBS 300 baud days. But the more I thought about it – the more I warmed up to the idea and the more I kicked myself for not doing it sooner.

I field emails all the time from browsers who are interested in making trades, want to appraise their goods or need help assessing the legitimacy of certain items. Well, I don’t have all the answers and this blog is read by tons of expert buyers and sellers who probably do.

Sure, it will be a ghost town in the early goings but please register now and maybe even break the ice by saying hello. Check out the various categories and post any suggestions.

To get the ball rolling I will be directing all inquiries from this point forward to the forum, so please stand-by.

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