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eBay Gets Loaded For St. Patrick’s Day


eBay Gets Loaded For St. Patrick’s Day

Pssssssssst…that blessed day is fast approaching, so it’s time to get on the case! Nothing honors St. Patrick more than throwing back copious amounts of green beer while your torso topper does a little throwback of its own.

The bonus with true vintage during this celebration is that you’ll avoid that spill-green-beer-on-your-shirt-and-then-notice-some-other-guy-at-the-bar-is-wearing-the-same-t-shirt…feeling. We’ve all been there. So stumble over to the Defunkd Collective – our vendors are carrying a nice selection (one of which is featured above.)

Remember to search around because sellers are using different keywords to describe their goodies. “St. Patricks” (no apostrophe fetches the best results) to “St. Patrick’s” (where you’re likely to score a better deal in auction format), to “Irish” (which is the broadest search but includes bonus sport related results).

Or you can just search our system for tees that a Green!

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